With the new season we arranged a space for our functional/group classes in ground floor in great size of 100sqm. We have upgraded our choices in group classes to fit all of your needs. NOTICE: In the season time classes can get busy, to prevent overcrowdness and misunderstandings, Our receptionists accept registrations over the phone call.



Hatha yoga flow is type of yoga, where traditional asanas (elements) are dinamicall connected to help us boost with the new energy. Hatha yoga flow is whole-body-mind-spirit workout that increases flexibility, endurance, strenght and significally improves our balance. The class itself starts with pranajama (breathing technique) following with asanas, relaxing tentions and finnishes with soothing meditation.



Barre pilates is interwind with elements of standard pilates, yoga, ballet and fitness. Those classes are intended for anyone that is looking diverse, safe and soft muscle workout. Workout of barre pilates helps to improve and define feminine posture, in a long term brings only positive upgrades to your body. With the standard pilates princips, yoga elements and ballet segments it strengthens different muscle groups and helps with our flexibility, emphasising our correct posture.



The class itself is intended for all the girls that maintains their style and are already working out in fitness to improve theirlooks, but are still not confident enough in their high heels. We will learn how to walk, slip-and get out of it safely. With the background of popular music we will conquer the basics of moving in heels so it will be easier for you on a night out.



Acronym of the abdomen, legs and buttocks. It is an exercise in which more attention is paid also said part of the body.  



ALFA pump represents the original weight training, which strengthens the whole body.He is a workout that allows for the quickest route to full stature, the loss of excess fat and body shaping. 60 minute workout, through the most effective exercises in a fitness studio, as a squat, thrust, lift and deflections, offers training for all major muscle groups .Training is suitable for men and women, where the great music, excellent instructors and their choice load (weight) attained training goals - fast!



ALFA Camp is a form of exercise, which got its name because of the similarity to military training mode (Recruit Training). The program is based on a variety of exercises, which are arranged in a circular sequence or divided according to stations. Training takes place in several sections and reaches a wide range of physical abilities and motor characteristics such as overall strength, endurance, balance, agility, flexibility, focus is also on improving posture and power stabilizers. Improving general physical preparation, labor productivity, accelerated fat loss and reduce stress levels are therefore more exposed to influences when it comes to this type of interval training.



Pilates is a unique exercise system that connects strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises and, where a load representing the weight of the body, long arms and the force of gravity. The essence of the exercise is therefore to strengthen the trunk muscles (called Power House), maintaining the stability of the body while you perform a variety of exercises, mobilization of the spine and improve the amplitude of movement. The movement of the arms and legs increase the intensity and complexity. Pilates counted among BODY & MIND (body and soul) tehnike.Pilates is basically exercises for body shaping, it is necessary if we want to maintain stamina and lose excess fat, to include training of the cardiovascular and respiratory system.


Golden Age / SENIOR

Gold in the program is intended for those who want the active life in pleasant company to spice up your everyday life and thus improve the quality of life of the active exercise, exercise coordination, aerobic activity, muscle strengthening and flexibility of the body. Training consists of introductory part (heating and dynamic stretching), aerobic work, restorative work and finishing (stretching and relaxation) .Skupina is limited to the age of 50 years. MIX MIX - term training is intended for all who love a varied and fun workout. It presents a variety of training styles combined into one (TNZ, body shaping, latino, just fit, pilates ...).