Group workout

Special space on the ground floor

With the new season we arranged a space for our functional/group classes in ground floor in great size of 100sqm. We have upgraded our choices in group classes to fit all of your needs.

In the season time classes can get busy, to prevent overcrowdness and misunderstandings, Our receptionists accept registrations over the phone call.

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Registration to group exercises

For quality assurance in guided exercises, we recommend that you check with CALL on 068 194 937 or through portal ALFAGYM.IPOINT.SI as the number of places in the training is RESTRICTED.

You can apply for 7 days in advance.

You can choose between
YOGA HATHA(morning) and YOGA FLOW(dynamic)
  • Full body workout for your soul and mind
  • Workout is combination of different positions, meditation and relaxing
  • Equipment: Yoga cubes and bends
  • For who: EVERYBODY
  • Workout with elements of pilates, yoga, ballet and fitness
  • It's full body workout, with touch of perfect body hold
  • Equipment: Ballet barre, bands, elastics, fitness balls, light weights and pilates rings
  • For who: EVERYBODY
  • Workout which combine basic elements of boxing
  • It's full body workout for strenght, power and stability
  • Equipment: Boxing bag and gloves
  • For who: EVERYBODY
  • It's a 30 minutes intense full body workout
  • Workout where you reach your maximum level and »metabolic efect« and because of that »after burning efect«, and calories will burn after the training as well
  • Equipment: Light and heavy weights, step, bar, bands
  • For who:  ADVANCED
  • Aerobic workout for core, legs and bum
  • Workout with basic coreography on steps with combination of different exercises for core,legs and bum
  • Equipment: steps, light weights, bands,
  • For who: EVERYBODY
  • Full body workout for every muscle group
  • Training for strenght, develops fast results and it's good for full body construction
  • Equipment: Barbell, weights, step
  • For who: EVERYBODY, for beginners we recommend a clinic, where you learn basics.
  • Functional training, because of a lot of different variatons class is never bored
  • Training for strenght,mobility, stability, balance
  • Equipment: Light weights, heavy weights, kettle bells,bosu, fitness box, slam balls…
  • For who: EVERYBODY, for beginners we recommend a clinic, where you learn basics.
  • Full body workout which develops nice body hold and helps you understand your body
  • Training is based on correct exercises and correct breathing
  • Equipment: Pilates rings,bands, light weights
  • For who: EVERYBODY
  • Full body fun workout
  • Workout with coreography on steps with a touch of latino dance, elements from pilates,mixed with weight training
  • Equipment: step, bands, light weights
  • For who: EVERYBODY
  • Mixed workout for golden age (50 years+)
  • For who: EVERYBODY